Balrog is a former boxer that works for Shadaloo and a villain from the Street Fighter series.

Pre Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Balrog grew up in poverty, but eventually became a champion boxer and prizefighter. However he was banned from boxing because of his illegal moves, permanently injuring his opponents, and eventually killing one. Balrog then joined Shadaloo and worked his way up the ranks, becoming one of M. Bison’s main agents.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

On a mission for Bison, Balrog killed an elephant belonging to Dhalsim with one punch. On another occasion, he was ordered to kill Birdie and agreed, despite not knowing why. However Birdie told Balrog about the Psycho Drive and the former boxer agreed to help him find it, hoping to profit from it. However the Psycho Drive was destroyed and Balrog realized that he hadn’t been paid recently.