Dollface is a recurring character in Twisted Metal. Though there exists two seperate Dollfaces, one in Twisted Metal: Black and one in Twisted Metal (2012).
  • Dollface, Twisted Metal (2012)
  • Dollface, Twisted Metal: Black

Twisted Metal: BlackEdit

The first one is a shy young girl, she grow up in a bad home, her mother died and her father blamed her. When she graduated college, she went to work for a mask maker, an angry and abusive old man. One day, when she spilled coffee on some important documents, he knocked her out and constructed a doll mask with a special key so no one could take it off. After the incident, She was confined to a mental prison. One day, a man called Calypso payed her a visit, he told her if she won his contest, he'd give her the key.

In her ending, Calypso hangs a key on a chain, which is attached to a mechanism which if she took the key, her boss would die via an Iron Maiden. She takes the key, but then she decides to stay in the mask and kill men who are just like her boss.

Twisted Metal (2012)Edit

The second Dollface is quite different. She is an aspiring super model. She is driven and passionate, but also obsessive and paranoid. She sabotaged the other models in order to take their places. One day, she was in a car accident and although she received only a minor scar, in her paranoid mind, it was a horrible disfigurement. When the doctors failed to fix it, she accused them of being in league with the other models and attacked them. One day, she heard about a doctor Ospylac (which just so happens to be Calypso spelled backwards) who could fix even the worst disfiguring injury. She went to him, he put a doll mask on her and told her to come back in six days. When she returned, he was gone and she could not remove the mask. One day, Calypso invited her to compete in Twisted Metal. She formed The Dolls faction, made up of other models and other Ospylac cheated patients.

She is the final boss in Mr. Grimm's Story Mode pioloting a robotic mech named Iron Maiden. When Mr. Grimm defeats Iron Maiden, Dollface falls through a chasm screaming for Calypso to save her.