God (Silent Hill)
, also known as the Creator of Paradise, Lord of Serpents and Reeds, the Holy Mother and Samael (the name of a demon given by the cult's opponents), is the mysterious sun goddess and principal deity of the powerful resident cult known as The Order within the haunted northern American town of Silent Hill and the foremost antagonist and boss featured in the Silent Hill series of survival horror videogames. It is also the Order's main goal to birth their deity into this world and bring about the creation of paradise. They have succeeded in birthing God twice, but each time it has died at the hands of the game's protagonist. Despite this, it is unclear whether the being fought in the games is a real deity or a manifestation brought into being by the town's innate power and the Order's very own fanaticism. However it is heavily implied to have been responsible for the titular town's current state.

The goals of many of the series' antagonists (as in Dahila Gillespie in the first Silent Hill and Origins, Claudia Wolf in 3, and Walter Sullivan in 4) revolved around initiating the rebirth of this goddess, hoping to bring about the Apocalypse, and through the destruction of humanity, a promised Paradise. She is the central deity of the Order's Holy Woman Sect.

When a physical manifestation of God is presented, She acts like a powerful monster, rather than an intelligent being. It is possible, considering the malevolent nature of the Order, that God is actually a powerful kind of monster that the cult worships, and is merely represented as a woman to make it seem less hostile and threatening. This is supported by the fact that Valtiel, depicted as a monster, is revered by the Order as one of God's "angels".