Mr. Grimm TM

Mr. Grimm, Twisted Metal (2012)

Mr. Grimm is a recurring contestant in the Twisted Metal series. He is commonly portrayed as Death himself. He is one of the most recurring drivers in Twisted Metal, along with Needles Kane. He has driven a motorcycle whose name he shares with and Reaper, a successor vehicle to Mr. Grimm.

Twisted Metal 1Edit

Mr. Grimm TM1

Mr. Grimm, TM1 (Vehicle Resembles a Ducati Paso)

Mr. Grimm is one of the original 12 contestants. He drives a Motorcycle. He has the most powerful special in the game. His wish is to get the soul that eluded him.

In his ending, he wins the contest and is greeted by Calypso in his underground garage. When Mr. Grimm identifies himself, Calypso begs Mr. Grimm that they had a deal (Calypso's story was not elaborated on at the time). Mr. Grimm falls upon deaf ears and then takes Calypso's Soul.

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