Full Name

Marcus Kane


Twisted Metal

Game Debut

Twisted Metal (November 5, 1995)

Recent Appearance

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale (November 20, 2012)




Recurring Contestant, Main Antagonist (TM4)

Marcus Kane AKA Needles Kane is the most well known character in the Twisted Metal Series. He is the son of Yellow Jacket driver, Charlie Kane. Needles' name is often confused for his signature truck, Sweet Tooth. He is considered the most dangerous driver throughout the series.


Marcus suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) the person with DID suffers from 2+ personalities, switching back and forth between personalities. In Marcus' case, he has Needles and himself. In DID, there is a dominant personality (In Marcus' case, it's Needles.)

Twisted Metal 1Edit

Needles Kane, a clown who escaped from a mental health institution has entered the Twisted Metal competition to find his friend. When Needles wins the competition, he pulls up to Calypso's Lair. Calypso gives Needles his friend, a paper bag named Crazy Harold the Wacky Lunch Sack. Calypso is confused as to why Needles can wish for more common prizes (Money, Power, etc.) yet wishes for a paper bag.

Twisted Metal 2Edit

In this game both Needles and Marcus participate.

Twisted Metal 3Edit

Twisted Metal 4Edit

Twisted Metal: BlackEdit

Twisted Metal: Head-OnEdit

Twisted Metal LostEdit

Twisted MetalEdit

Playstation All-Stars Battle RoyaleEdit


Connection to the contestantsEdit

Out of the entire series, Needles has the most connections to the characters (The majority of them are in Twisted Metal: Black). They are the following:

  • Marcus Kane (Driver of Roadkill & Minion): Alternate Personality.
  • Charlie Kane (Driver of Yellow Jacket & Dark Tooth): Father/Son (Depending on the game).
  • Scott Campbell (Driver of Spectre): Strongly hinted that Needles killed him.
  • Dollface (Driver of Darkside): Her boss created his mask.
  • Cage (Driver of Warthog): Rival.
  • Axel (Driver of the vehicle of the same name): Killed his wife.
  • Billy Ray Stillwell (Driver of Junkyard Dog): Rival.
  • Preacher (Driver of Brimstone): Cursed Needles.
  • Mr. Grimm (Driver of Mr. Grimm & Reaper): Opposed Needles.

Other AppearancesEdit

Playstation All-Stars Battle RoyaleEdit

Needles is a playable character in PSASBR. For the first offical time, Needles is played on-foot. His rival is Kratos.


Needles is the only driver to appear in all the Twisted Metal Games.

His truck, Sweet Tooth is one of 3 vehicles to appear in all of the games. The other two being Mr. Grimm and Warthog.