Preacher TM

Preacher is first introduced to the Twisted Metal series in Twisted Metal: Black and returns in Twisted Metal (2012).

Twisted Metal: BlackEdit

Though only an evangelist, Preacher travels from town to town in hopes of sharing his religious visions with anyone who will listen. He hopes to eventually gain forgiveness and be allowed back into the Lord's good graces. His tireless pursuit to become ordained has led many, even his followers, to believe that he is actually a fanatic, driven by excessive madness. Whatever enveloped him surely became obvious in a later downfall...

The Preacher approaches Calypso, wanting his innocence proven and name cleared. Calypso, however, reminds him that he only promised to reveal the truth: there is no demon at all, the voice inside his head was a figment of his imagination, and that the exorcism was merely a baptism. Everything he had experienced was all in his insanity-ridden mind.  The Preacher tries to cope with this information through various rituals including crucifixion to "prove his loyalty to God", but to no avail. In the end the Preacher decides that he "cannot hide from himself" and throws himself off of a roof into traffic below, commiting suicide.

Twisted Metal (2012)Edit

Preacher returns in Twisted Metal (2012), however he doesn't have his own storyline. He appears in Mr. Grimm's middle cutscene, and again after Dollface's ending. He is playable in every game mode other than Story Mode. His gang is called The Holy Men.

In Mr. Grimm's middle cutscene, it shows that his objective is to "tear down Calypso's tower of sin", apparently in reference to the Calypso Industries HQ. During the cutscene after the credits, Preacher is seen being in an asylum that appears to be in another dimension (probably Hell, or is among other souls Calypso has trapped, implying that Calypso used his powers to capture him as he posed as a threat) inside Calypso Industries, screaming, "I know who you are!".